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 Strategic Consulting

Market Entry Strategies
Strategic Planning Process

Market Entry Strategies

Our Consultants will develop with you a market entry strategy and define measures for implementing the strategy. We will help you select partners and facilitate your distributions and sales channels.

Our Modules:

- Selecting regions to enter and setting objectives for market position

- Assessing advantages and disadvantages of options for entering the  market (own startup, acquisition, joint venture, etc.)

- Selecting target companies for acquisition / cooperation, if applicable

- Quantifying aspects in business plan

    Strategic Planning Process

We help you prepare your strategy in order to expand aggressively and enter the German market with sound analysis to avoid failures and high costs.

Our Modules:

- Systematic monitoring of relevant changes in the environment
- Effective target setting, action definition, and controlling
- Orientation towards value development
- Quantification of strategies
- High process efficiency and speed
- Low process cost
- Market Research
- Competitor Analysis
- Distribution and Sales Channel
- Partner Selection and Structure
- Negotiation Support
- Organizational Strategy
- Operations Strategy

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