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      Registered Charity


   Registered Charity for Cultural Exchange  

The Concept

The new concept in Berlin: “Everything under ONE ROOF” for business development by the CHINA BUSINESS HOUSE is accompanied by a registered charity for cultural exchange. It helps to understand foreign cultures and supports partnerships between different social groups of the People's Republic of China and Germany. The essential advantage yields from the combination of both houses in an entire framework, which guarantees the high-ranking quality of cooperation between ministries, enterprises, and organizations.

With the SHANGHAI BUSINESS CLUB e.V. an exquisite meeting point is available for a circle of selected members, following an old Chinese idea: The expression CHINA is derived from the first dynasty QIN – pronounced as TCHIN – but over the centuries the inhabitants called it TIAN XIA: “Everything under ONE ROOF”. This meaning especially shows the path for the SHANGHAI BUSINESS CLUB e.V., to understand globalization under ONE ROOF. Globalization can not be developed without CHINA.

There are unlimited possibilities for successful development and design of cultural, social, and business relations with the vast country TIAN XIA: “Everything under ONE ROOF”. However, they only get visible and useful on basis of sound long-term support. So, also the HAN dynasty organized the first caravan to the west, starting in the city of CHANG´ÁN more than 2000 years ago, which forged the first link and the first step to globalization. LI TAI-BO (poet around 700 AC) created a poem to accompany the hermit TSAI, where the first verse stands for the idea of sociability in our rooms: “Now that I entered the ship Infinity, my rudder brushes any sky”.

The Club


The exquisite rooms of the INTERCONTINENTAL BERLIN, Budapester Str, are the. Meeting Point of the SHANGHAI BUSINESS CLUB e.V. They follow the luxury of Far East aesthetics. Moreover, a restaurant is at service with first-class Chinese cuisine celebrating the noblesse of accomplished attentiveness. You find the Club rooms on the 8th floor with one of Berlin’s most beautiful panoramas.

The Club offers space for proximity and seclusion, for sensuousness and gathering of a select group of people. It is a location of intimate atmosphere and individual service. The design is an inspiration for SHANGHAI DECO STYLE, following a philosophy of today’s requests. The surrounding is characterized by paintings, silk, and vases.

Legal German and foreign members well as their guests from governments, embassies, economics, science, media, arts, and culture are admitted. The SHANGHAI BUSINESS CLUB e.V. is organized by its own membership office with its Chinese President and a General Manager.

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