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Project Management

Project Management

The organization and coordination of all relevant market entry activities is an excellent feature of the CHINA BUSINESS HOUSE.

A Market Entry, for instance, an establishment of a new company or in a joint venture, or just a new sales structure, is a complex project which has to be organized and structured with the help of modern planning methods as well as a profound business skill.

This executive duty is fulfilled by the CHINA BUSINESS HOUSE top team, which can refer to long time experience in different high-tech branches and the respective network necessary for successful market entries.

An appropriate Project Management has to surmount cultural barriers, lack of specific regional information (law, taxes, etc.), asymmetric information, and control problems. And the result is based on the quality of the networking, i.e. mostly search for the best business partners by screening, long lists, and overall contacts.


Our Modules:

- Instruments for brand-oriented project management are the skills, experiences, and contacts of the team which are realized in a special way by the Chino-German team of the CHINA BUSINESS HOUSE.

- The coordination duties are faced with modern EDP-support, INTERNET, management programs and ERP- access.



For your product and services success in the German market, we will adapt your marketing and sales activities to the local market, which might include re-branding and repositioning after an analysis phase.

Our Modules:

- Market Analysis
- Brand Consulting
- Brand Management
- Corporate Identity
- Marketing Planning
- Media Buying
- Public Relations
- Sales Organisation
- Representation in the German Market

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