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Office Accomodations
Procurement Services
Advocate & Notary Services 
Translation Services & Interpreter
Tax Consulting Services

Office & Business 


  Office Accomodations

In the centre of Berlin we provide serviced offices and workspace solutions tailored to your individual business needs. Flexible and cost-effective accommodation, together with an advanced technological infrastructure and a wide range of on-site support services make it the ideal solution for dynamic business.

The centre is prominently located at a stunning glass triangular tower within the newly developed Potsdamer Platz business district, Berlin's spectacular CBD.

Our Modules:

- Business Centre - Ultimate flexibility in office space
- Business Space -
Specifically designed for light industrial use
- Business Services -
Exclusive discounts on a range of business supplies
- BusinessConnect -
The "virtual office" solution
- HotDesk -
Offices by the hour of the day
- Flexispace -
Customised working environments
- Meeting & Conference Rooms -
Prestigious venues across Europe
- IT and Telecoms -
Future-ready technology available today
- Video Conferencing -
Benefit from a reduction in business travel costs

       Procurement Services

CBH offers a wide range of products for industrial applications such as construction and civil engineering machinery, rubber and plastic machinery lines, conveyor/drive technology heating systems, automotive parts production technology, electrical equipment, food industry equipment, printing machinery, electrical machinery and in medical devices. 

Our Modules:

Procurement, manufacturing, and processing:
- Forming lines
- Vanishing moulds
- V-shape process
- Core chamber
- Smelting operations
- Heat treatment
- Welding production
- Start-up and colour
- Models
- CNC machining centres
- CNC lathes
- CNC Milling Machines
- bed milling machines
- CNC milling machines
- Planing machine plans
- Plan milling machines

- Cast Iron

- Ductile iron

- Cast steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast stainless steel 

- Aluminium Die Casting

- Zinc Die Casting
- Forging
- Welded parts


Test equipment:

- Spectrum analyser
- Chemical laboratories
- Metallographic laboratory
- Mechanics Laboratory Radiography
- Ultrasonic flaw detection
- Magnetic flaw detection
- Seal test 3D

Quality Control:

- We recommend you products according to (German DIN, ISO, 65, UL certification, international standards, etc.) European standards to ensure that our products are internationally competitive.



Our highly qualified and bilingual staff will translate your documents from Chinese to german and vice versa, whether it is technical documentation, marketing and sales material or contracts.

Our Interpreters support your negotiations with potential business partners and accompany you to any meeting, thus the language barrier will not be of any problem for your business activities.

Our Modules:

- Translation Chinese - German
- Translation German - Chinese
- Translation Chinese - English
- Translation English - Chinese
- Translation German - English
- Translation English - German
- Interpreter
- Escort Service

Translation Services & Interpreter

Advocate & Notary Services                 

Advice for Chinese companies on German and International law. Our Advocates help you to establish your company or representative office in Germany and give you advice on the different company forms that exist in Germany.

Our Modules:

Legal Service Consulting Modules:
- Notary Services
- International corporate law
- Franchise Law
- Joint Venture advice
- Anti-trust legislation
- International contract law
- Trade mark regulation law
- Copyright
- Fair trading law
- Construction an real estate law
- Internet and Telecommunication
- Export-/Import regulations

Starter Module:
- Company founding
- Notary
- Representative office contracts


  Tax Consulting Services

In today's global economy, effective tax advice and planning can give your business a competitive advantage. Our specialist help you to optimize your tax-planning.

Our Modules:

Starter Package:
- Pre founding analyses

(fiscal, financial and taxation matters)
- Company set-up service
- Registry Services
- Accounting Service
- Very Small Company
- Small Company
- Medium Company
- Big Company

Tax Service and Consulting Modules:
- General corporate tax
- General private tax
- International Corporate Tax
- Double Taxation
- Global Transfer Pricing Services
- International Executive Services
- Mergers & Acquisitions
- Indirect Tax
- Trade & Customs
- Annual reports

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